Benefits of Sponsoring Industry-Specific Events

Attending an exhibition and other industry events is a great way to market your company and boost your branding. One way to increase your return on investment (ROI) even more is to sponsor the event.

When you’re looking for advertising space, exhibitions are perfect because of the target audience. There’s a good chance that every single attendee is your target audience, and a high percentage of those will have buying power.

Here are a few reasons why sponsoring an exhibition can be a great idea for your company:


Event sponsors get a lot of coverage that’s directed at the right audience. Your company name and logo will appear on posters, websites and other marketing material for the event. Depending on the show, you may also get a speaking spot, a stage with your name on it or other major benefits.

The upshot of all of this is the boost in credibility that your company gets among industry peers, so long as you pick the right event to sponsor.

Generate leads

A big part of attending any event is building your network, generating leads and meeting potential customers. One problem that some companies have when they buy stands is they can find it hard to attract people to come over and speak to them.

One of the benefits of being the event organiser is that most people will recognise your name from the marketing material, meaning they have a bit more trust of your company, a bit of interest in what it is you really do, and also an icebreaker that lets them approach you more easily.

Reinforce your branding

Sponsoring a major event is a hefty investment. Attendees realise this too, so when they see your company as a sponsor of the event, they’re going to make the connection that you’re successful and growing. When they’re thinking about working with a company, it’s much more appealing to work with someone successful who knows what they’re doing.

Reconnect with customers and suppliers

As well as starting new relationships, sponsoring a trade show helps you build on existing relationships and repair old ones.

Being at the same event is a great way for you to reconnect, and by being a sponsor of the event, they’ll easily be able to find out that you’re there. As you reinforce your branding, you’ll reinforce the idea that they’ve made a good choice to work with you.

Deliver great ROI

Because events has such a specific market, it’s a great way to get your name out there to people who matter, your target audience. This generally gives it a better return on investment than other forms of advertising, like TV or newspapers.

Of course, knowing how to measure your return on investment at a trade show is vital. Having clearly defined goals means you can track how much benefit you’ve got from sponsoring the event and whether you should be doing it again next time.

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