Why Visit/Participate

  • Opportunity to attend the various seminars and conferences on Tech business and solutions for free
  • Chance to catch up on latest industry trends
  • Get a wealth of information, insights and new ideas
  • Brainstorm and interact with representatives from Tech Companies
  • Chance to participate in the start -up investor pitch
  • Meet Face to Face with industry stakeholders
  • Chance to discover latest tech inventors and inventions
  • Opportunity to invest in upcoming tech inventions in the Start-Up Pitch Deck
  • Explore the latest products in the markets
  • Face to Face with Manufacturers
  • Build new relationships with decision makers
  • Become a distributor of Tech Product and services
  • Meet with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
  • Learn from several thought leaders and speakers
  • Keep up with technology, live and in-person.
  • Gain valuable perspective made possible only through networking
  • Make better capital investment decisions.

Being surrounded by technology in action, seeing materials and latest technology in person, having meaningful conversations face-to-face with suppliers and engineers, and getting answers on the spot will provide you with the best path forward for your company’s bottom line.
The variety of equipment and number of solution suppliers available at the expo will give you a valuable sense of what’s out there—what is possible—enabling you to think bigger, think outside the box.

  • Be ready for the future and prepared to adapt to changing market conditions.

Make discoveries to keep in your back pocket for later, ideas that will come in handy when new challenges arise. You’ll gain a perspective that helps you prioritize and plan ahead for what your next capital investment might be and what investments you can or should be working toward.

  • Unwind, have fun and relax at the beach front and cool ambience of the expo venue